SO!!! This is the new hair, with a scary picture. it looks green here but its more of an aqua blue. Just decided to do something different. I also colored the dear fiances hair, due to the fact that we are going up there later this month (and I love freaking people out that like to stay inside the box.)

Right now im writing all of this when i should be packing and getting ready for the little move.  Maybe now we will be able to save some money up to get some stuff done. I wish that the economy isn't as crappy as it is. Living pay check to pay check gets tiring escpecially when we only have one working car at the moment. Right now the camaro is at the shop so the mechanics can see if they can get the timing problem fixed. If we get it back then we wont have to spend so much extra on gas making two trips out to take aarron to work everyday and then going to my job. IT would just be so much easier. But I know that life isnt always easy. As the song says " God gives us montains so we can learn to climb."

Speaking of mountains this year has pretty much been Mnt. Everest for me and my family. Right around Christmas my dear Grandma started getting sick. In the beggining of january my aunt took her to the hospital  and they said a hernia she had once had turned and that was why she wasnt able to keep food down. But when they went in to do the surgery to fix the hernia they found a huge unoperable tumor and 3 spots of cancer. She stayed in the hospital that whole week and went home on saturday. Well before the end of that week she had pulled out the feeding to they had put in here so she could have her liquid food. On he 18th she went in to have another surgery to re-attach the feeding tube but she didn't quite come completely recover. The thing was that was my birthday. and a week later on the 24th of january 2009 we lost my grandma to cancer. You always see on the tv that in your life time you or someone close to you will be cursed with cancer. If you are like me you dont ever think you will really see it, but when it hits it hits hard.

Dont ever take life for granted, you never know what kind of effects you may have on someone elses life. It may not be a medical issue but there is alway a chance that you may never see the ones you love again. You could be peacefully driving around town when someone else runs a red light. Make sure every one knows you love them, treat your neighbors as kin, treat a stranger like you would treat Jesus if he was at your door. Show all of Gods people that you are one of his children, do unto others as you'd want do unto you. You never know if how you treated them would influence if today was the last day they let themselves have. Just be kind

But right now I am seriously considering go to beauty school. So i am not working at a pet store for the rest of my life. Wish me luck. .

I guess i have spent enough time on here. Im going to get back to packing.

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.
Ralph Waldo Emerson